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Communication Basics

In today’s world, whether you work in a medium sized company or a multinational one or even if you work by yourself, the need to communicate who you are and why you do what you do is a constant.

Corporate Interview

The digital transition, social media and economic pressures require that any activity explains not only what it does but also the why. It’s no longer sufficient to show your unique selling points in a list of values you or your product or service offer. We’re all completely inundated with that kind of information.

If you want to be heard and make space for you and your activity, you must put yourself forward so that people know who you are, why you care and why they should be listening to you. You must capture people emotionally. A corporate interview, if done well, does just that. It shows who you are emotionally as well as rationally. It helps people relate to you and understand your values.

To do this, you have to express yourself in a natural way, so that you overcome the listeners resistance. That’s not always easy, actually it’s pretty rare which is why I’m specialised in doing just that: putting you at ease and encouraging you to speak in a fluid and natural manner.

Video Resume

If you’ve just graduated university, or any other school, and you’re looking for an internship, or maybe your first job, you’ll need to present yourself in a way that puts you in front of all the other people looking for the same internship or the same job.

You’re all just a pile of Resumes on a computer screen. So how can you break out from the mass of nobodies? The answer is with a Video Resume that captures both your tone of voice and expressions and much of your personality as well. I will be your coach and will take you through the meaning of what you have accomplished or what you wish to accomplish.

A written resume simply doesn’t link your schooling and job list with the meanings all this has had for you. That is what a future employer, or school or team is looking for: your passions and your capabilities. A list of events is simply not enough.

But since you’re in front of a camera, you must also feel at ease, be natural, be authentic. I will help you speak freely with me as we record your video and together we will give your presence that extra quality through a cinematic light, a well-rounded voice and the spontaneity that you are capable of having.

Don’t allow others to be chosen because of a better sounding degree or an internship which doesn’t reveal much about your capabilities. Through a Video Resume, you can better express your value and your personality.  Let’s jump start your career whether you’re re-entering the business world or simply starting out. A well-done Video Resume could really make the difference.

Company Profile

By narrating ones values through personal stories, or through a company’s story, one captures the natural interest of any viewer. We all like to hear other’s experiences. What we no longer accept is hearing someone boast of their capabilities. So putting up front how great your company is will not create admiration. It is more likely to create a barrier of subtle hostility towards your brand. On the other hand, humanising your company through personal stories makes it easy to relate to the values that we all share.

For this reason, a simple interview well done or a series of interviews interlaced with views of your company, create a Company Profile worth watching. I’ve been creating Company Profiles for some of the most important multinational brands for over 40 years and I can help you share the importance and the urgency of your company through a Corporate Video that turns strategy into feelings and feelings into engagement.

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