A professional interview... is convincing!

From the Bronx to Bocconi, I’ve learned how to structure stories.
Let me create your story.

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It's time to speak to the world!

How do clients, employees and stakeholders see you?
Good interviews make you accessible, authentic and human.

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Technology isn't everything!

Make your team, employes and stakeholders dream.
Emotion and empathy are everything.

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Your stakeholders want to know you!

A successful company knows how to make its employees appreciated.
Show off your company’s leaders with a professional image .

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Why do Semiotics and Storytelling inspire business innovation?
Semiotics and Storytelling are the pillars that inspire innovation in employees in times of change through effective communication
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Anyone can buy the equipment but how many have 40 years of corporate experience?
Getting the equipment to create a video is easy, but having 40 years of corporate experience is what does the trick in effective communication and storytelling
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Corporate Interview, Video Resume, Company Profile
These keys to communication are valuable to employees, businesses and freelancers alike to reach every person and meet your objectives.
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“I’ve been helping companies create value and forge a vision into storytelling and digital imagery for over 40 years. Isn’t it time that I help you?”

Joseph Edward Rozzo - American with Italian origins, after having studied at the School
for Public Communication at Boston University, and gaining his Bachelor of Fine Arts
degree at the Rhode Island School of Design, Edward Rozzo moved to Milan, Italy
where he has dedicated over 40 years to telling visual stories about people, places and
industrial processes. For the past 30 years he has taught courses and workshops in
major Italian universities and international companies.

“Let’s create Brand Equity together.”

Interview with Ivan De Crescenzo, financial expert, Tirreno Power - Sustainability Report 2022
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