including personal coaching, basic make-up, audio and cinema lighting


The ideal way to launch your career, find an internship or apply for academic programs!

A Video Resume is the best way to communicate your experience because it emphasizes who you are with spontaneity and sincerity

It’s the best way to communicate your enthusiasm, personality and professional qualities or simply present a personal project.

Having taught in Italian universities for over 30 years, I’ve understood how to help students, professionals, women in career, or managers create a Video Resume that transmits the essence of their personality and professional capabilities

1 - Through a meeting, either on-line or in person, we'll be your personal coach, helping you prepare your story, emphasizing the important aspects of your professional life and personal capabilities.
2 - Before shooting the video, we’ll do some basic make-up in order to eliminate light-reflections on your skin or any slight imperfections.
3 - Then we’ll start the actual video shooting where you can stop and start as many times as you like, in order to find the right voice or gesture for your narrative.
4 - After the shooting, we’ll edit your best phrases, adjust the tenor of your voice, make some visual corrections and prepare the definitive file of your personal Video Resume.

Your Video Resume will be useful for: job interviews, career development, web sites, social media (Linked-in, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok), branded content and your personal content strategy. Don’t hesitate! Thanks to your personal Video Resume, whoever is looking for you will know you already!

Starting at 390€* for a personal VIDEO RESUME of 3-4 minuts in Full HD.

Until 30th June 2023 50% discount!

Call for a personal estimate - WhatsApp 3355728868 -

VIDEO RESUME - Full HD - circa 3 - 4 minutes in mp4 format.

Keep your Video Resume updated! Update at anytime!

* Plus VAT. Exact prices at the moment of request.

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